Becky Pritt; Bucknutz 2017 CFCC Champions

by: Sugar (January 15, 2018)

Raise your hand if you thought Mr. Handsome, Nick Saban, would bench his starting QB with a career 26-2 record, in favor of a freshman, to start the 2nd half of the championship game? That's what I thought. Zero. Georgia beat Alabama at their own game for one half, but unfortunately for Georgia fans, there was another half to play and, perhaps, the best college football coach of all time had something up his sleeve that no one was prepared for. Great call by Saban and now he has more National Championships than all other active coaches combined. Think about that for a minute. And reports indicate that he is still not happy.

We do, however, have some happy people that just finished up the 2017 CFCC at Big congratulations to Becky Pritt, our 2017 CFCC Champion! Becky finished with 927 points and a record of 152-67 to bring the Golden Bone home to Elizabethton, TN. If you follow the contest closely, you will know that Becky actually had this thing wrapped up before the final with a great Bowl Blowout performance, scoring 122 points on 17 victories, and by playing it safe in the final. Great job, Becky, you have joined some very elite dirty-dawg company and will forever be celebrated by dirty-dawgers everywhere. Sure, a new car would have been great, but these words are even better.

Becky held off Daniel Lamb from Brandon, MS, who had a big, fat 25 on Alabama. That still wasn't enough to overtake Becky, but good enough to get him the Silver Bone, just 8 points behind the champion. Daniel scored 136 Bowl Blowout points on 15 wins. Excellent run, Daniel! And, Penny Zabel from Portland, Texas made it 2 out of 3 for the dirty-dawg ladies, by taking home the Bronze Bone for 2017. Penny had a great Bowl Blowout scoring 146 points and climbing 31 spots into number 3. She finished with 905 points, 22 off the championship pace. Very impressive Penny. You will see that Bronze Bone next to your name forever.

I predicted right here before the Bowl Blowout that Johnny Vegas, despite leading after 13 weeks, would not bone. And I was right, barely. JV finished in 4th place with 893 points and a contest high 154 wins. By far, the best season for JV ever. Will be interesting to see if that trend continues in 2018, or if the Wise Guys in Vegas just had a particularly good year? Since JV is just a metric player, the real 4th place goes to Brett Williams, who tied JV anyway with 893 points. That's just 12 points from 3rd place, Brett. Go back and look at a missed 6 point confidence play during the season for the one that prevented you from getting that Bronze Bone. The rest of the Top 10 go by the names of Kent Kuyper, Linda Kunches, Phil Grigsby, 2009 Champ David Schomaker, Stephen Storts and Simin Binau. Excellent job, dawgs. It is a long contest with lots of excellent players and to finish in the Top 10 is definitely something to be proud of!

As we always point out, wins don't really matter in dirty-dawg contests, except as tie breakers. But we still like to give a shout-out to those that picked the most correct throughout the season. Besides Johnny Vegas, Phil Grigsby and Mary C Embry also notched a season best 154 wins. Phil finished 4th overall and Mary finished...84th. Just another example to show that the confidence factors are the name of the game.

We already mentioned that 2009 Champion, David Schomaker finished in 9th place, but how about other past champions? Last year's champ, Aidan Binau, wrapped up in 41st place. Albert Greenhut (2015) finished in 72nd, Ken Gribek (2012) in 73rd, Cyndi Pulis (2008) in 110th. The 2001 Champion, Larry Vannozzi, finished up in 130th, Eric Coleman (2011) in 150th, Derek Eisentrout (2006) in 221st. Robert Barritt (2005), Roger Bryan (2014) and Brent Ryder (2004) finished 254th, 290th and 364th respectively. Yes, dirty-dawg giveth and dirty-dawg taketh away.

The Bowl Blowout is always a challenge, allowing for huge gains and (in my personal case) huge losses. Daniel Luyk, one of our longest tenured dirty-dawgers had the best Blowout of all players scoring a whopping 238 points on an incredible 21-4 record. Joe Kunches was the Bowl Blowout runner-up 222 points and a 17-8 record. That 222 point performance vaulted Joe 221 spots to number 53 overall. Another dirty-dawg vet, Lee Crowley was third with 190 points climbing 174 spots to number 124. Nate McGinnis was 4th, Aidan Binau 5th and Laura Jones 6th. Felecia Bowser finished the Bowl Blowout 7th, Penny Zabel was 8th while Doug Schneider and Zaaren Allen rounded out the Top 10 Bowl Blowout performances. All of these 10 players but 2 (Luyk and McGinnis) had Alabama winning the championship. That helps your score.

In the popular Group Play portion of the contest, it once again was a two team competition between Bucknutz and The Florida Dummies (v16.0) with Bucknutz prevailing once again this year. We don't keep group stats from year to year, but suffice it to say that these two teams have won, by far, the most group competitions. If your last name isn't Binau or Schomaker, you aren't a member of Bucknutz and if you aren't a Moseley, you aren't in The Dummies either. Congratulations to Bucknutz for another year of dominance from top to bottom! All in the Family (mainly the Jones') finished 3rd in Group Play, followed by The Border War Still Lives On and Dawgzilla. As always, we hope Group Play, which enables several contests within the contest, was enjoyable even if you didn't challenge for the overall championship.

And that will put a bow on another CFCC. A big thanks to those shadowy figures known as the dirty-dawg Directors, that keep this contest running throughout the year with hardly ever a mistake, and with zero compensation, other than some dirty-dawg love from all of you. Remember, we still have the PFCC going and we will be back in March and April for the NCAA Tournament. Otherwise, we will see you all back in August 2018 for the start of another great season of college football!